Vol. 11, Issue No. 31/2004

American Polish Advisory Council and Polish American Political Action Committees

At the last January meeting of the American Polish Advisory Council (APAC) held in Washington D.C., representatives of several Polish American Political Action Committees (PACs) from various States suggested a more assertive action be taken by Polonia in this a National Election Year. A Polish American Agenda for 2004 was discussed and facilitated by APAC. An Agenda was compiled listing seven major items of concern to Polonia in the U.S. APAC.

The PACs took upon themselves the responsibility for implementing this effort and POLPAC agreed to coordinate and distribute the Polish American Agenda for 2004 for concurrence and signature to all Polish American Organizations from throughout the U.S. All such organizations are requested to participate.

It is a fact that Poland has actively become a very close friend and ally of the USA on the European continent. Poland has stood firmly with the United States in situations like Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, Golan Heights, in the war with Iraq and the global war on terror. Unfortunately, until now, we believe that our government has taken Poland for granted and in these fifteen years since the fall of Communism, our country has done very little to help Poland economically and militarily. This is in comparison to the hundreds of millions and in some cases billions of dollars given to many countries around the world while Polish soldiers are bleeding with ours and Polish unemployment is soaring to over 20%. That's three times our rate of unemployment.

In the meantime, the U.S. has reduced the annual FMF Military Assistance to Poland to $12 million in 04 and we recently found out that between 1993 and 2002, Poland received less than 1% of all the FMS/FMF/FMA support that we provided to all the countries in Europe. As concerned USA citizens, we believe that Poland, as a key ally, has not received fair economic consideration for either its domestic or military needs and that the items listed on the attached Agenda should be strongly supported by concrete plans and actions of our government.

The Polish American Agenda - 2004
We ask every Polish American Organization in the USA to complete and sign three originals of the attached Agenda (e-mail recipients please print the attached MS Word document or download copies from the web site - and return three signed originals to us at POLPAC, P.O. Box 877, Fort Washington PA, 19034 by 31 March 2004. These signed Agenda documents will be consolidated, bound in large binders and presented to President Bush and the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate for their detailed plans on how they will implement this Agenda so that we can publicize their plans to all of you in the Polish American Community prior Presidential elections in November 2004. This time around, please make your vote count. We shall keep you informed on the results of this appeal prior the general election via our web site.


Vol. 11, Issue No. 31/2004

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