Vol. 11, Issue No. 31/2004



was launched on December 24, 2003

OUR GOAL: To strengthen the community of Polish Americans and friends of Poland, and to improve our influence on the US Congress, and the government of Maryland.


Polish American Political Action Committee of Maryland
Andrzej Drozd, Chairman, Founding Committee / Steering Committee
10949 Whiterim Drive
Potomac, Maryland 20854
Phone (301) 299-7647, Fax (301) 299-7648

The Polish American Political Action Committee of Maryland (POLPAC-MD) was established in December 2003. Advised by Michael Szporer of Washington D.C., Andrzej Drozd of Potomac, MD, and Chuck Slomski of Pasadena, MD, formally registered in December, 2003, the POLPAC-MD with the Maryland Board of Elections, with Andrzej Drozd as the first Chairman, and Chuck Slomski as a temporary Treasurer.

WHAT IS OUR GOAL? -- The purpose of POLPAC-MD is:

  • * to increase the involvement in the political process of Polish Americans and their friends,
  • * to improve communication among Polish Americans who hold appointed or elective offices in the State of Maryland or are involved in public service, policy and campaigns, and
  • * to endorse candidates who address the issues and concerns of Polish American citizens and residents in the State of Maryland.

    Now is the time to act: THIS IS the election year. Within next two months we plan to:

  • * prepare a draft document describing the goals of the POLPAC-MD, a straw man of its organizational structure and its basic rules, regulations and procedures;
  • * establish a Steering Committee (SC), which will coordinate the everyday activities of the POLPAC-MD. The SC membership should represent the widest possible diversity of the Polish American community. Also, the SC agenda and its activities should reflect the opinions and concerns of Polish Americans and friends of Poland, as collected through various polling means, including written questionnaires. The SC shall be made up of an odd number of members and decisions will be made based on a simple majority of votes; establish an advisory body, selected from distinguished Polish Americans and friends of Poland in the state of Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan Area. Also, honorary positions may be established.
  • * publicize the goals of POLPAC-MD and seek individuals interested in joining the Founding Committee (FC), and those willing/qualified to serve as a member of the SC. The attached announcement/questionnaire will be widely distributed through all possible means of communication. (For details, please ask for the minutes of the founding meeting.)

    Simply express your willingness to do so! The membership in the POLPAC-MD Founding Committee is open to any resident of the State of Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan Area who supports the goals of the POLPAC-MD and wants to join the FC. A time limit of becoming a member of the FC will be established during the next FC meeting. The Founding Members (FM) directed the Chairman to call such meeting on Sunday, March 14, 2004, starting at 3 p.m., at a place TBD - we will keep you posted.

    So, PLEASE, JOIN US -- by telephone, fax, e- mail, s-mail, word of mouth, any way you want...

    Appeal for Your Participation, Support and Feedback

    Please contact the Founding Members of the Polish American Political Action Committee of Maryland (POLPAC-MD) if you would like to:

    [  ] Be on the mailing list of the POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Attend the next organizing meeting and elect the POLPAC-MD Steering Committee
    [  ] Serve on the Steering Committee of POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Recruit and nominate a member of the Steering Committee of POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Recruit and nominate a member of the Honorary/Advisory Committee of POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Make a financial donation to POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Make an in-kind contribution to POLPAC-MD
    [  ] Volunteer your time and skills for POLPAC-MD (as )
    [  ] Support the Polish American political agenda for Maryland as an elected official
    [  ] Support POLPAC-MD and the Polish American agenda in another way
        (namely, by )

    Yes, I want to promote the cause of Polish Americans in the state of Maryland. My specific interests are as indicated above and my name and address are as follows:

    Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Miss / Hon. / Dr. / Rev. / Amb. / Rep. / Sen. /
    Gen. / Adm. / Sister / Fr.

    First Name:

    Middle Initial:

    Last Name: .......

    Address / Company / Organization: .....

    Address 1: ....

    Address 2: ...

    City: ............


    Zip: ..


    Fax: ..


    Send to:
    Polish American Political Action Committee of Maryland
    c/o Andrzej Drozd
    10949 Whiterim Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854
    Phone (301) 299-7647
    Fax (301)299-7648

    Vol. 11, Issue No. 31/2004

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