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Scholarship program for academically talented Polish-American youth
St. Mary's College of Ave Maria University has announced an honors
scholarship program for academically talented Polish-American youth for the
2001-02 school year, the Karol Wojtyla Honors Scholarships.

"This is an opportunity for Polish American youth to come to a Polish
American college for an education geared toward creating a future leadership
for Polonia," says Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski, president of the co-ed liberal
arts college in suburban Detroit. "We will award at least 20 scholarships, up
to as many as 30."

In addition to a major course of study in one of nearly two dozen bachelor
degree programs available at the college, scholarship students will follow a
core curriculum based on the philosophical and theological principles
exemplified by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Fides et Ratio.

The full scholarship will cover tuition, room, and board (at a value of about
$15,000), and also cover an opportunity to study abroad in Poland and
elsewhere in Europe.

"This is an unparalleled opportunity," says Dr. Radzilowski, "for young
people to receive a superior education, to grow in their Catholic faith, and
to study to become leaders in their communities."

The scholarship is open to youth of Polish American background who have a
minimum GPA of 3.5 and at least an ACT score of 26 or SAT score of 1300.

For more information, please contact, Dr. Radzilowski at 248-683-0521 or at
St. Mary's, 3535 Indian Trail, Orchard Lake, MI  48324.

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