2008 Translation Rights List for Sheree Bykofsky Associates

Attention: Please note that all foreign rights transactions are handled by Betty Anne Crawford, from Books Crossing Borders.

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Sheree Bykofsky Associates works with co-agents in such countries as England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, and Korea in order to sell the translation rights held by a number of our authors. Here is a list of the translation rights available for each title.



*Anders, Donna: In All the Wrong Places (Pocket)


*Anders, Donna: Night Stalker (Pocket)


*Anders, Donna: Afraid of the Dark (Pocket)


*Dieguez, Sharlee: The Bearded Lady (Hill Street)


*Straka, Andy: A Witness Above (Signet Mystery)


*Straka, Andy: A Killing Sky (Signet Mystery)


*Straka, Andy: Cold Quarry (Signet Mystery, 2003)


*Swain, Heather: Eliot’s Banana (Pocket)




*Apostolico, David: Tournament Poker and the Art of War (Kensington)


*Apostolico, David: Machiavellian Poker (Kensington)


*Apostolico, David: Lessons From the Felt (Kensington)


*Apostolico, David: Lessons From the World Poker Tour (Kensington)


*Apostolico, David: Poker Strategies for a Winning Edge in Business (Prometheus)


*Avila, Alexander: Love Types (Avon); Spanish version (Simon & Schuster)


*Baird-Windle, Patricia and Eleanor Bader: Targets of Hatred: A History of Anti-Abortion Violence in America (St. Martin’s)


*Barone, Richard: Frontman (Backbeat)


*Beck, Carol: Nourishing Your Daughter: How to Keep Your Child from Emotional and Physical Battles with her Weight (Berkley)


*Bernstein, Al: Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry (McGraw Hill)


*Bild, Kathryn: Actors’ Quotation Book (Smith and Kraus)


*Burkhart, Chris: Golf A to Z: Everything You Need to Know to Talk a Great Game (Contemporary) [Asian rights available]


*Callan, Kay: How to Sell Yourself as an Actor (Sweden Press)


*Carpenter, John and Rod Evans, Ph.D.: Matching Wits with the Million Dollar Mind: The World’s Hardest Trivia Quizzes from America’s First Quiz Show (Berkley)


*Costello, Judith and Jurgen Haver: Zen Parenting (Robins Lane Press)


*Dresser, Norine: Come As You Aren't! Celebrating Events in the New Cultural Diversity (M. Evans)


*Dresser, Norine: Come As You Aren’t: Feeling at Home with Multicultural Celebrations (M. Evans)


*Dresser, Norine: Multicultural Manners: New Rules of Etiquette for a Changing Society, 2nd edition (Wiley)


*Dresser, Norine: Multicultural Celebrations: Today's Rules of Etiquette for Life's Special Occasions (Crown)


*Dresser, Norine: Multicultural Celebrations, 2nd edition (M. Evans)


*DuBay, Constance M.: Speak!: The Best Doggone Quotes, Jokes, and Anecdotes for Dog Lovers (Dutton)


*Flanagan, Eileen: Listen With Your Heart: Seeking the Sacred in Romantic Love (Warner)


*Furman, Merrill: The Parent's Dictionary: From Arrrrggggh! to Zzzzzzzzz (Contemporary)


*Gold, Taro: Open Your Mind, Open Your Life (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gold, Taro: Open Your Mind, Open Your Life Kit (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gold, Taro: The Tao of Mom (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gold, Taro: The Tao of Dad (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gold, Taro: Living Wabi Sabi (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gold, Taro: What Is Love? (Andrews McMeel) (Asian rights)


*Gould, Katherine: A Tiger in the Bedroom: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Sex Shop (Andrews McMeel)


*Hawley, Jack: Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners (New World Library)


*Jacobs, Bruce: Race Manners (Arcade)


*Kooper, Al: Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards (Billboard)


*Koslow, Brian: 365 Ways to Become a Millionaire Without Being Born One (Plume)


*Lakein, Alan: Give Me a Moment and I'll Change Your Life: Tools for Moment Management (Andrews McMeel)


*McMahon, Rachel and Rhonda Mills: 1,001 Ways to Live Green (Berkley)


*Mair, Nancy: Grace: Freeing the Swan Within for a Beautiful Life (Rodale)


*Martin, Lisa: The Cool Chick’s Guide to Baseball (Gibbs Smith)


*Meyers, Gerald and Susan: Dealers, Healers, Brutes & Saviors: Eight Winning Styles for Solving Giant Business Crises (Wiley)


*Miller, Jamie: Ten Minute Life Lessons for Kids (HarperCollins)


*Myers, Marc: How to Make Luck (Renaissance)


*Popyk, Bob: Here's My Card (Renaissance)


*Potts, Lee: Falling Flesh Just Ahead: And Other Signs on the Road Toward Midlife (Longstreet)


*Prartho: Everyday Miracles: An A to Z Guide to the Simple Wonders in Life (Kensington)


*Price, Deborah:  Money Therapy: A Roadmap for Creating Abundance (New World)


*Roeper, Richard: 10 Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed and Other Movie Lists (Hyperion)


*Roeper, Richard: Schlock Value: Hollywood At Its Worst (Hyperion)


*Rubenfeld, Sheldon, M.D.: Could It Be My Thyroid? (M. Evans)


*Sacks, Steven: The Mate Map


*Salmon, William: The New Supervisor's Survival Manual (Amacom)


*Sander, Gin: Love Stinks: Selected Quotes on Jealousy, Revenge, and Betrayal (Andrews McMeel)


*Schneier, Frank and Lawrence Welkowitz: The Hidden Face of Shyness: Understanding & Overcoming Social Anxiety (Avon)


*Searl, Edward: A Place of Your Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Space for Spiritual Contemplation and Meditation, with Fifty-two Weekly Devotions to Use in Your Home (Berkley)


*Thrailkill, Diane: The Executive Temp (Random House)


*Tymony, Cy: Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things (Andrews McMeel)


*Tymony, Cy: Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things (Andrews McMeel)


*Tymony, Cy: Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things (Andrews McMeel)


*Tymony, Cy: Sneaky Science Tricks (Andrews McMeel)


*Uhler, Steven: A Movie a Day (Berkley)


*Walsh, William: Lapsing into a Comma (NTC/Contemporary)


*Wiese, Lynn: Holistic Parenting: Raising Children to a New Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being (Lowell House)


*Zukerman, Rachelle: Young At Heart (Contemporary)