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Besides being an agent and author, Sheree Bykofsky is also an avid poker player and poker author, with Lou Krieger, of Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You About Winning Hold’Em Poker (Kensington), The Rules of Poker: The Ultimate Argument Settler (Kensington), and, most recently, The Portable Poker Pro (Kensington).  In December 2005 Sheree placed first out of 164 women who competed in the World Series of Poker Ladies' Circuit Event at the Showboat in Atlantic City.

The latest Poker title represented by Sheree Bykofsky is Check-Raising the Devil by Mike Matusow.



Sheree Bykofsky is delighted to represent Poker Wizards by Warwick Dunnett.




The First Annual Binion's Poker Author Challenge was a great success! Congratulations to the winner, Lou Krieger!

Read all about it on CasinoGaming.com.


Recent review of The Portable Poker Pro from PokerNews:

(view the article at http://www.pokernews.com/news/2007/3/portable-poker-pro-delivers.htm)

'The Portable Poker Pro' Delivers At Less Cost

March 27, 2007
Earl Burton
 There are many ways to obtain the information regarding the skill of the game of poker. From high cost methods, such as poker camps and tutorial training from accomplished players, to less costly measures, such as DVDs or other poker books, there is plenty of information out there that players can find. What seems to be missing, though, is a poker book that encompasses a basic tutorial for a low cost. This has been cured by prolific poker writer Lou Krieger and his co-writer, Sheree Bykofsky.

With the book "The Portable Poker Pro" (available from Kensington Publishing now at all bookstores for the shockingly low price of $6.99 U. S. and $9.99 Canadian), Krieger and Bykofsky have brought out an
effort that provides the same information that longer, more costly books offer. This is good because it allows people to learn more about the game of poker in a cheaper manner, rather than spending large amounts of money that could be potentially used to play and learn the game further. With this said, however, there is some information in the 186 pages of the book that any player can take some advice from.

I was quite surprised by how much the writers were able to cram in between the pages. Not only do Krieger and Bykofsky give a basic tutorial on the game, they are able to stuff information in playing live games in casinos (or home games), cash game strategy, tournament strategy and even dabble a bit into some pot limit Hold 'Em (this isn't a very large section, but they do give some mention and suggestions for bettering your game). They finish off the book with some more advanced strategies to move away from the basic play of the book, which is critical for success for any player to improve their game.

There were three things that especially stood out regarding "The Portable Poker Pro". While the book is very basic in its approach, it still offers information that is broken down between "Amateur Alert" and "Expert Extras". The "Amateur Alert" segments of the book offer information for newcomers to the game so that they don't look like newcomers when they sit down at the felt, while the "Expert Extras" definitively offer information that is used by people who make a living at the game (such as where to sit for maximum table visibility, aggressive betting strategy, etc.). These additional tidbits of information on top of what is already offered can be used by anyone.

The final thing about this book that anyone would have to like is the price. Many poker books can cross the $15 range and even can go upwards of $35 or more in some cases. This can dissuade newcomers from learning more about the game. At $6.99, however, a player that purchases and reads "The Portable Poker Pro" can fill in a much needed gap by providing some poker information for a very low price.

Some may look at "The Portable Poker Pro" and let is go because it isn't an in-depth book that will unlock the mysteries of advanced poker. But Lou and Sheree have provided a book that gives the reader exactly what is advertised: a small, pocket sized book that someone can use on a trip or even take with them to the casino to provide some useful insight on their first journey. For people that are coming to the game of poker with a bit of knowledge (but not a tremendous amount) or heading for their first casino adventure, "The Portable Poker Pro" is well worth having.


The Rules of Poker has received a fabulous review from Howard Schwartz! Read below.


Try this essential guide to poker

12/12/2006 - by Howard Schwartz

Sheree Bykofsky have written a solid, must-read (by house and players) guide titled The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game (276 pages, hard bound, $13.95), which should help reduce stress and help settle arguments everywhere, from home poker games to the biggest cash games or tournaments. One great strength of the book is that actual situations are re-created by players and dealers. This may help explain how important a good dealer and solid, understanding card room management earn their keep and what pressures they face each day.

There are many major parts to the book: The House, General Rights and Procedures; The House: Game-Play Management; Player Conduct, Etiquette and Integrity; The Deck and Cards; Betting Structures. These are followed by Rules of the Games including major material on Hold ‘em and Omaha plus Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple and Tahoe; Stud games; Split games; Razz; Five Stud; Mississippi Seven Card Stud; Draw and Lowball; California Lowball; Deuce to Seven Triple Draw; Ace to Five Triple Draw. There’s a major section on tournaments including rules, plus coverage of cash games; side pots, exposing cards with action pending, English-only rule, keeping chips visible, and penalties for infractions, re-buy tournaments. A final, small but fascinating section discusses rules the authors would like to see changed including short buy-ins, triggering kill pots, asking to see called hands and the always controversial "f-word rule."

This is a pocket-sized or palm-sized book (which makes it a good stocking stuffer) so it’s easy to keep in a jacket pocket. It contains a 12-page index. The authors wrote the book to offer players and management to see what’s fair, what’s best for a variety of situations and what "makes for honest and equitable procedures in managing and playing the game." There are Interpretation Notes scattered throughout the book—helpful in explaining and illuminating procedures—a sort of rationale to help clarify.

Consider this one of the most important and powerful books ever for anyone who loves the game as a player, dealer or overseer.

If this book helps you in one or more situations, it’s paid for itself. Easy reading, larger print, a good gift item for any level player.

The book and more is available at the Gambler’s Book Shop (Gambler’s Book Club) in Las Vegas. The store’s web site is www.gamblersbook.com or call toll free, 1-800-522-1777. Copyright 2006


Also buy Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold'Em Poker on Amazon.

And coming in late 2007 from Pinnacle...


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Excerpt from Lou Krieger's blog:

Since the Age of 7, Lou Krieger has come a long way in the Poker world. The host of Royal Vegas Poker and co-author of Poker for Dummies, Lou Krieger has also written 7 best-selling books and more than 400 columns & magazine articles of Poker strategy. Catch Lou’s views, opinions and commentary on just about everything in the world of Poker.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Latest Book: Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold'em Poker

The poker boom has resulted in a publishing bonanza for poker books, although the vast majority are instructionals, aimed at providing new players with enough strategy and tactics to allow them to survive, and maybe even win, in recreational poker games. Most of these books elucidate the game at its most basic level: how is it played; what beat's what; what's a good hand to start with, to raise with, or to fold.

My newest book, Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold'em Poker, coauthored by Sheree Bykofsky, was released yesterday and is available now at all the usual book outlets. If you’ve become curious about multiple layers of the game that usually reveal themselves over time and only after much study, patience, experience, and deliberation, this is the book for you.

Although the information in this book is applicable to most poker games, the examples are drawn primarily from Texas hold'em, since this is the most important and widespread poker game played today. Professional players use strategies and tactics every day that most recreational players don't even know exist. This book was created to reveal to beginners and even good players an artful understanding of the game you love. Will it improve your play? Yes. And it is unique because there's not another book on the market that takes this tack and provides as complete an insight into poker's deeper levels.

Serious players are always looking for an edge. Moreover, the newer breed of poker player, those weaned on Internet poker sites and games in college dorms, are a studious breed. They're readers, computer literate, and many spend a significant amount of time harnessing their computers' capabilities to test poker theories-quite a departure from the old, back-room image of a cigar chewing gambler who never read anything that wasn't found in the racing form.

While there is no shortage of traditional, step-by-step "how-to" books that break poker down into it's simplest elements and provide tutorial information to beginning players, there is little, if anything in the market that gets to that deeper level that comprises poker at it's most strategic and sophisticated level of understanding.

It seems clear that Poker is now, more than ever, America's National Card Game, and perhaps it may even now claim the title of American's National Game.

Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold'em Poker aims to turn you into professional-level players while enjoying an easy and fun read. Each of the concepts and playing strategies in this book is discussed and organized as part of a few broad themes: "Basic Concepts and Play, "Tactics, Strategies and Ploys, "Image," "Money," "Minimal Math, "Tournament Play," "Playing," and "Growing as a Player."

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