postmarked March 15, 1933

Dear Mr. Smith:

I hardly know how to thank you for the copy of THE DOUBLE SHADOW. I have read the stories with the most intense interest and appreciation, and hardly know which I like the best. All are magnificent, splendid examples of that poetic prose which is so characteristic of your work. I envy you your rich and vivid style.

It was a pity that Strange Tales went out of circulation, and I am sorry that the magazine's demise left so many of your stories unpublished. They had only one of my yarns when they quit. However, I sold them only three stories, altogether.

I am very glad that you have found the Conan series of interest, and appreciate very much the kind things you said about the yarns. I shall look forward with eager anticipation for "The Dark Eidolon" and the other stories you mentioned to be published in Weird Tales. Incidentally, your story in the current Weird Tales is splendid.

I am enclosing a check for EBONY AND CRYSTAL and would feel most honored if you would write your autograph on the fly page.

Thanking you again for the magnificent DOUBLE SHADOW, I am,

Most cordially yours,