dated June 1, 1934

Dear Mr. Barlow:

Concerning the illustrations you mentioned, I am very sorry, but I am sort of a fiend about Rankin's illustrations myself. I am making a collection of the illustrations of my stories appearing in Weird Tales, and contemplate arranging them on a panel for display. As you say, Rankin's work is fine, though I consider that Doolin, who used to illustrate my stories in Oriental Stories and Magic Carpet--and occasionally in Weird Tales--is equally good. I hope my inability to supply you with these drawings will not inconvenience you in any way.

Thank you very much for your kind comments concerning "Queen of the Black Coast," and I am sorry about your eyes. I strained mine at a comparatively early age, and have been forced to wear glasses while reading or working for a number of years now.

I am sure that you and HPL are having a splendid time. Would you please hand him the enclosed note? Thanks.


Robert E. Howard