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Shrut & Asch Leather Company

Specializing in fine kidskin and goatskin, the Shrut & Asch Leather Company supplies the shoe, boot, handbag, small leather goods, garment, bookbinding, repair, custom, and other trades. We have been in business for over seventy years and are the largest in-stock supplier of kidskin in the U.S.

Shrut & Asch carries over a quarter of a million feet of current production leathers. We service North America as well as any and all countries, world-wide.

We have the capacity to deliver well over 5 million feet or more annually, but can accept orders as low as a single skin.

We stock a full range of basic shades and more than 100 fashion colors.

We produce kidskin in classic glazed finish as well as leather tannages including:

   Shrunken       Soft       Suede       Metallic       Patent Leather   

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You will find us at:

Shrut & Asch Leather Company LLC

5 Cranes Court · Woburn, MA 01801 U.S.A.

Contact: Howard Shrut, President

Phone: (617) 247-2288 · Fax: (617) 247-3907

You can also reach us by E-mail: Shrut & Asch Leather Company

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