"Mecca Reitman Carpenter's "No Regrets" is a wonderful introduction to one of the most colorful social and political activists of the century. I found her story of a daughter coming to terms with her notorious father to be extremely moving and enriching. - Harold Ramis, movie producer and actor

"The irrepressible, irresponsible, irresistible and impossible Dr. Ben L. Reitman leaps off these wonderful pages as an American original. With humor, honesty, and grace, Mecca Reitman Carpenter has mapped the amazing life of a father she barely knew, drawing skillfully on his long-buried intimate correspondence with many female lovers including her own mother. Here is a courageous and engaging portrait, not only of an unforgettable Chicago character, but of the messiness and inventiveness of love." - Alice Wexler, author of Emma Goldman: An Intimate Life

"Ben Reitman's life was larger than life. It entwined down and out history, magisterial tramping, epochal labor battlings, hobo lore, jail birding, medical pioneering, occasional Bible thumping and free love." - Studs Terkel

"No Regrets is a remarkable document, the fascinating story of Dr Ben Reitman, one of the most colorful and well known characters in Chicago during the colorful and raucous 1920's and 30's.  The author, Mecca Carpenter, is Reitman's daughter, and this a brave book is an emotional journey to discover the truth about her father and his lovers in long buried letters.  She tells his story--and hers--with humor, insight, grace and, indeed, love.  It's a terrific and moving book.  I loved reading it.” Rick Kogan, Senior Writer, The Chicago Tribune

"The public Reitman—brash and swaggering, the private Reitman—unsure, at times tormented—it was all there for scrutiny.  With passion, dedication and a detective’s eye, Mecca Carpenter has confronted her own past and that of her father.  I enjoyed the book immensely.”  Roger Bruns, author of The Damndest Radical 

“What strikes me most forcibly about No Regrets is its utter honesty.  That she could see her father so clearly, and recall his flaws so unabashedly (as he did himself) and yet come to love him—perhaps even to love him more because of his complexity—is quite extraordinary.  I enjoyed the book thoroughly.”  Howard Zinn, playwright of Emma

“The chapter titles are delightful and the quotes mingled throughout the text make all of the principals spring to life.  No Regrets is a moving personal narrative, a heartfelt tribute to a loving father and a historical portrait that will be of value and inspiration to any who have the fortune to read it.”  Mel Bucklin, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications