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Basic Financial Services and Convenience

Boston Checkcashers, Inc. is Massachusetts largest check cashing service, operating 19 branches in and around Boston. Our offices are open 12 to 15 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a weeks. Since 1984, we have been offering offer basic financial services such as:

  • Check cashing services
  • Travelers Express money order sales
  • Western Union services
  • Authorized utility payments
  • MBTA monthly pass sales
  • Postage stamps sales
  • Massachusetts State Lottery ticket sales
  • Pre-paid telephone cards sales
  • ATM / EBT transactions
  • Federal benefit distribution
  • Pre-paid local phone service

Boston Checkcashers, Inc. is the largest in-person utility payment service in New England. As well as the Commonwealth's largest Western Union agency and the largest money order seller.

We consider ourselves the 7/Eleven convenience store of the Boston banking service industry. While the tangible cost of cashing a check at Boston Checkcashers, Inc. may be higher than going to a bank, the convenience and speed we offer our customers are often the most important aspect in the customers choice in using our service. Much like buying a gallon of milk at the neighborhood 7/Eleven.

Many of our services are priced significantly below our competitors. Such as, our free authorized utility payments and money orders at only 89 cents, compared to $3 to $4 at almost all the local banks. Approximately 75% of all the customers who walk through our doors are making payments on utility bills and pay no fee for the service whatsoever.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Boston Checkcashers, Inc. is fully licensed and regulated by the Massachusetts Division of Banks. This regulation consist of annual financial statement reviews and periodic audits performed by Banking Division regulators. We are fully insured pursuant to Commonwealth regulations.

Customer Safety

Boston Checkcashers, Inc. is dedicated to providing it's customers a safe, well-lit environment to transact their financial services. Our policy is to any steps necessary to provide this safety.

Utility Payments

Boston Checkcashers, Inc. accepts approximately 85,000 utility payments per month. We currently accept authorized payments for:

  • Bell Atlantic
  • BostonGas
  • Boston Edison
  • ComGas
  • ComElectric
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Media One Cable
  • AT&T
  • Cablevision of Boston

In the near future we hope to add:

  • Cellular One
  • Page Net
  • Page Mart