Links to Pinhole Photography Sites

The Penultimate Pinhole Page by John Malcolm ( contains a wealth of information about pinhole photography, its history and theory, and is a comprehensive guide for both novice and convert, to use the author's words. Malcolm's site is well-organized and is recommended for anyone who is interested in pinhole photography.

the pinhole gallery ( by Byron James Bignell. Byron's revised site features superb graphics which are visually pleasing and easy to navigate, offers an excellent gallery of pinhole work contributed by a number of photographers, plus useful information about pinhole photography.

PINHOLE VISIONS by Gregg D. Kemp ( is an elegant site devoted to pinhole photography. Besides providing access to many types of useful information on pinhole photography, a gallery hosts contemporary exhibits of pinhole photographers' works while a links gallery connects with other exhibits on the World Wide Web. Follow this link to view an exhibit of pinhole camera photos made with cameras constructed from 35mm film cans: Another exhibit features photographs made with oatmeal-box pinhole cameras by Stew Woodruff:

PINHOLE RESOURCE PAGES by Richard Vallon ( Another good source of information to check out early on. The Pinhole Resource maintains an archive of pinhole photographs made by various artists, and a Pinhole Journal is published several times a year. The valuable Online Gallery presents pinhole works from the archives.