Drilling the Pinhole

Hold the aluminum plate as shown and carefully press and rotate the "pinhole drill" until the tip of the needle barely shows through on the other side.

When you see the tiny needle point sticking through the other side, stop drilling. Be careful to not push too hard on the "pinhole drill"--it must not stab completely through the aluminum on the first try.

Carefully sand the tiny hole made by the needle's tip (again, a Dremel sanding bit can be used instead of fine sandpaper or emery cloth). Then, drill again, carefully and slowly until the hole is a bit larger. Sand the hole again on both sides. Drill again, sand again. It should take three or four drilling and sanding steps to get a beautiful, round 1/100th-of-an-inch-in-diameter pinhole "lens"! Finally, clean the hole by running water through it and patting it dry with a clean paper towel. Try not to touch the hole because oil and dirt from your fingers may partially fill the hole and cause it to take less sharp pictures.


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