Oatmeal Box Pinhole

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Each thumbnail photo below can be enlarged to viewing size by clicking on it. All photographs were made using oatmeal box pinhole cameras by Stewart L. Woodruff. Making them was a lot of fun!


t Monument Rock.gif (7006 bytes) t Milkdrop.gif (4665 bytes) t Sacred Saguaro.gif (5380 bytes) t Grace.gif (5417 bytes) t Pitts.gif (8659 bytes)

t Time.gif (9707 bytes) t The Kiss.gif (6002 bytes) t Reach.gif (6100 bytes) t Spaceport.gif (5619 bytes) t Atomic Man.gif (9323 bytes)

t Pupil of the Eye.gif (7635 bytes) t Teen Caterpillar.gif (4635 bytes) t Mudra Tower.gif (4897 bytes) t Whale Skeleton.gif (5715 bytes) t Circle of Asphault.gif (5920 bytes)








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