Lensless Digital Scanned Art Made With A

Desktop Flatbed Scanner

by Stewart Lewis Woodruff


Storm & Rogue.jpg (52966 bytes)

Storm (Jamie) & Rogue (Mary)

click on photo to see the rascals close-up!

Had it not been for my nieces above, who were playing around with my flatbed scanner one day, I probably wouldn't have thought of using the scanner as a new type of lensless image-making device.  It is like having a "darkroom" on top of a table, with no chemicals or expensive photographic film and paper necessary to make interesting photographs.  Having worked with another "lensless" type of camera, the oatmeal box pinhole camera, I appreciate the mystery of light and how images are made (not that I claim to understand how it works:  does anyone really understand what light is?)  Scanners use a mysterious device called a "CCD", for "charged coupled device, which produces a fine image in both black and white and color.  Don't ask me how a CCD works, either!  Follow the blue arrow below to a page of previews of what I call "scanners"--images made with a flatbed digital scanner.

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