Taking Pictures with Oatmeal Box Pinhole Cameras

Negative and Positive Prints made with an Oatmeal-Box Pinhole Camera


The above photos show the negative image which appears on the "paper film" and the positive image, or "print". Here you see how the camera was set up. Notice the shoe placed on top of the camera to give it some weight so that a breeze won't move it while the film is being exposed to light. Both the camera and subject must remain very still during the approximately 20-second exposure time or the picture will appear blurred or fuzzy. In the next section we will learn how to develop and print oatmeal-box pinhole camera photographs, but first we need to load film into our camera so that we can take our first picture. Before we can load film into the oatmeal box camera, we need to set up a darkroom.

Pinhole cameras can only be loaded and unloaded in a darkroom.


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