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For whom does one's life turn out as expected? Virtually no one, of course. It has been said that you become old when dreams have turned into regrets. Chekhov's classic play introduces us to a group of people who feel they are suffocating, trapped into lives on a broken down estate far removed from a world they had envisioned. But these people indeed have an appetite for life; like us all, they have not given up on happiness.

Marina and Serebriakov"What's the matter, little father? Do you hurt? I know, I know...Old people like attention as much as young people do, but somehow, nobody ever cares about them."


Astrov and Yelena

"The decay of our country now confronts us, brought on by our own human struggle to exist..."

Vanya and Sonya

"My poor Uncle Vanya, why are you crying?...You have never yet known what it is to be happy, but wait, Uncle Vanya, wait! It will come...We shall rest...we shall rest..."

Vanya at window

Directed by Peter Sylvester

Set Design by Mark Symczak Lighting Design by David Alan Comstock Assistant Director Bill Mitchell


Rachel Bones Julianne Carpenter Dennis Carrig Bill Dante Virginia A. Forst

Jeff Kronson Bill Mitchell Bruce Mohat Laurie Muir

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