This is a simple stew that I remember my mother making; I've seen similar recipes which use additional ingredients such as olives. I do this one in a crock pot. I used to be able to get the dried cod in little wooden boxes, and the fish rehydrated and cooked nicely. However, lately I can just find it in non-boxed pieces which don't seem to rehydrate as well.

(Source: Mom)
2-3 dried, salted cod fillets (about a pound?)
2-3 lb potatoes
3-4 big yellow onions
15 oz can of unseasoned tomato sauce (eg. Hunt's)

Soak several fillets overnight in plenty of water to rehydrate and remove the salt. Cut up several (peeled!) potatoes in large chunks and place in a crockpot. Cut up several onions and place on top of potatoes. Place the fish on top of the onions. Pour tomato sauce and one can of water over the fish and vegetables. Cook on low until potatoes are done (5-6 hr?).

I especially like this with buttered cornbread (see the recipe for Country Cornbread on this site) which cancels out the non-fat nature of the recipe!

For more information and recipes about baccala, check out the 11/8/97 issue of the Italian Food Guide.

Updated: April 5, 1996
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