I searched high and low for an egg bread recipe to make in my bread machine which would duplicate the flavor and texture of the sweet and fragrant egg bread that we'd have at Easter. I'd given up until I found a recipe called "Greek Bread." I deleted some of the vanilla, added anise, adjusted the amounts of some of the ingredients and voila! This is it. Everyone who has made it (so far) adores it. And my search is over!


1 egg plus enough milk to total 3/4 c
3 T honey
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp anise
2-3 drops of yellow food coloring (to give it a nice sunny color and cover up the brown vanilla tint)
2-1/2 c flour (bread or all-purpose)
4 T butter (I cut cold butter into very small pieces rather than melting)
1-1/2 tsp yeast (make a well in the top of the flour and add it)

Sweet bread cycle, light crust.

Updated: April 5, 1998
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