This is wonderfully fragrant and delicious bread. It's great for grilled cheese sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches.
                                   HONEY MUSTARD BREAD
                                (from:  Electric Bread)
                        regular loaf     large loaf      TM
                          1 lb            1.5 lb       1.5 lb

water                     1/2 c           3/4 c         1/4 c
chicken broth             1/4 c           1/2 c         1/2 c
  (low salt, canned)
honey                     2.5 T           1/4 c         1/4 c
gourmet mustard           1-2/3 T         2.5 T         2.5 T
salt                      1/2 tsp         1 tsp         1 tsp
white bread flour         1.5 c           2 c           2 c
whole wheat flour         1/2 c           1 c           1 c
dry milk                  2 t             1 T           1 T
chives                    1 t             2 t           2 t
yeast (fast rise) or      1 t             2 t           2 t
  yeast (active, dry)     2 t             3 t

Notes: "t" = teaspoon, "T" = tablespoon. TM column is what I use in my Toastmaster, which takes less liquid per recipe than other machines. In general when trying a new recipe, hold back at least 2 T of liquid and watch the doughball when it first kneads. If it looks like it is too dry, THEN add liquid back as needed. I use Grey Poupon Country Dijon Mustard. The original recipe calls for whole wheat bread flour, but that is impossible to find around here so regular whole wheat flour works fine. The ingredients are listed in the order recommended for the Toastmaster, check your manual for its requirements.

Updated: April 5, 1996
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