How to Cook Dried Lupini Beans

These instructions are from my Aunt Linda. I transcribed them and posted them on Prodigy a couple of years ago.

"She said to soak them overnight. The skins will get wrinkled. The next day simmer them for several hours. They are done when the skins are smooth and when you taste one, it seems done (they will be quite firm, not soft like lima beans).

The beans will be bitter at this point. She then changes the water and leaves them for a couple of days under running water. Yes! She said she puts the pan in the sink or bathtub with the water running very slowly.

When the bitterness is gone and the beans have sweetened, they can be put in a solution of water, salt, and oregano. She said some people add a little bit of oil but she doesn't. The brine should be somewhat salty but not too much (sorry, no measurements are available ); to your taste. They will keep for a long time in the refrigerator, and are a snack... not quite crunchy, but firm. She also said that a half pound makes an awful lot because they swell up."

NOTE: Instead of leaving the beans under running water for a few days, someone else in the same thread said that they covered the beans with salted water and changed it every day until the bitterness was gone. In that case, the beans must be refrigerated during the soaking period.

Updated: October 3, 1996
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