I have actually ordered from these places (except where noted) and can recommend them based on personal (positive) experience. YMMV

King Arthur 1-800-827-6836 (Vermont).
Call for their extensive catalog of baking and bread-making supplies. They sell several brands of good bread machine yeast by the pound, much cheaper than in the grocery stores. Many people swear by their bread flour; however shipping is charged by weight and I didn't notice any difference in the flour that would justify the shipping charge to me. They have a web site showing where you can buy KA products in your state. Their mail order service is super.
Chef's Catalog 1-800-338-3232 (Illinois).
Seems like I ordered from this catalog, but I can't remember. It offers "Professional restaurant equipment for the home chef". Lots of cooking equipment (knives, pans, appliances, gadgets), though no food.
Crate & Barrel 1-800-323-5461 (24 hr).
Kitchen and household furniture, some utensils, dishes, wine racks, organizers. I like the look of their stuff, lots of light wood with clean lines. Most of it is out of my price range, though I did spring for a nice CD organizer, which I love. They have some retail stores as well.
Culinary Parts Unlimited 1-800-543-7549.
Sells replacement parts for kitchen appliances (blenders, food processors, etc.) I haven't ordered from this place yet (too bad my mother discarded her pressure cooker when the manufacturer said they didn't have gaskets for it!) but it comes highly recommended from people whose opinions I trust. One of my friends advises I know my machine's brand/model/serial, and can describe the part I'm looking for - usually a replacement part for my food processor or a different disk for it. They've got a LOT of brands and stuff.
Gooseberry Patch 1-800-854-6673 (Ohio)
Cute kitchen items. The dream catalog for cookie cutter collectors! I couldn't resist buying some of the cookie cutters, which came in nice custom tins rather than disposable boxes or bags. In addition, they carry little gift bags of spice blends, herb mixes, small aluminum pie pans, folksy cook-books, candles, and other "homespun" goods. They also now have a web site.
Kitchen & Home 1-800-414-5544 (Pennsylvania)
Very nice, upscale stuff, reasonably priced, excellent quality. Includes appliances (waffle irons, electric tortilla maker, Belgian waffle maker, cordless electric tea kettle, fondue set, beer machine(!)), colorful ceramics, glass containers, utensils, and other attractive, practical gadgets.
The New English Muffin Company, 1-800-505-6836 (Massachusetts)
My new favorite English muffins! The plain ones are so awesome that I had to force myself to try other varieties, but those are wonderful too. They are very different than the cornmeal-coated ones in the grocery store; they're light and crispy on the outside, with a yeasty inside that soaks up butter.
Pendery's 1-800-533-1870 (Texas)
"Welcome to the world of chiles and spices." They have a lot of good stuff that the better-known Penzey's doesn't have (the two sources complement each other). They also sell non-food items and chile pepper-theme knick knacks, pot holders, aprons, etc.
Penzey's 1-414-574-0277 (Wisconsin).
Excellent source for inexpensive and fresh herbs and spices. Great variety- how many types of cinnamon do you want?
Pepperidge Farm 1-800-243-9314 (Connecticut).
Familiar stuff as well as some unusual items (eg. cream-filled madelines), familiar quality, available with gift packaging for holidays, special events, etc. ..... but you pay for it.
Sources for tea can be found here.
Vermont Country Store 1-802-362-2400 (24 hr/day)
A good source for a few food items that are hard to find nowadays (eg. Junket Rennet Custard, Beeman's Gum, Teaberry Gum, Black Jack Gum, Clove Gum, Horehound Drops, Bosco Syrup, Sen-sens), lots of interesting jams, jellies, preserves, and relishes, common crackers, Just Whites, and various maple products. Also, many practical non-food household items and clothing.
Williams Sonoma 1-800-541-2233 (California)
Convenient source for upscale kitchen equipment, trendy foods, nifty dinnerware and storage containers. Although most stuff falls in the "luxury" category (for me!), recipes, bargains and great practical items can be found.
Wilton 1-708-963-7100 (Illinois)
The premier source for cake decorating and candy making supplies.
Wolferman's 1-800-999-0169 (Kansas).
Oh, what WONDERFUL English muffins!!!! Cheese, cranberry, sourdough, blueberry, and on and on. They are low-fat, low cholesterol too. Rich, calorie-laden, delicious tea breads (unfortunately not low-fat nor low-calorie), fruit honeys and other spreads. Skip the rubbery crumpets though.

Updated: July 10, 2005
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