This is a refreshing dessert for summer and very raspberry-y!

1-1/2 c crushed vanilla wafers (~1/2 -12 oz box)
4 T melted butter or oleo

Press into a 9x13" pan. Refrigerate.

Cream Cheese Layer:
3/4 c butter
2 c 10X sugar
1-3 oz pkg cream cheese

Spread over crust.

Nut Layer:
Spread 1 c chopped nuts over cream layer.

Raspberry Layer
Dissolve 1-3 oz pkg raspberry jello in 1 c boiling water.
Add 1-12 oz pkg frozen raspberries.
Add 1/2 c raspberry juice concentrate (or use 1 container raspberry/apple juice in little box).

Chill in freezer until thick (but not frozen). Spread over nut layer.

Whipped Cream Layer
Mix 2 c whipped cream and 4 T 10X sugar.

Spread over jello and sprinkle cookie crumbs over cream.

NOTE: FYI- 10X sugar = confectionary sugar

Updated: June 16, 1996
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