I was looking for recipes in which to "bury" tofu. You'll never believe there's tofu in it! I would like to think the tofu makes it "healthier," but I doubt it could be considered low-calorie.

(Source: Farm Sanctuary newsletter)
1 pre-baked pie shell (I just bought a Hershey's chocolate graham cracker crust).

16 oz silken tofu (if you can get silken lite tofu, it makes a firmer pie)
Peanut butter, about 1 cup (maybe a bit more)
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 c sugar

Puree tofu in food processor until smooth. Add PB, vanilla, sugar and continue pureeing until blended. Adjust flavorings (next time I might add a bit of salt and more sugar, depends on the peanut butter).

Pour into pie shell. Top with lots of shaved chocolate.

Refrigerate overnight to firm it up (as I learned from experience).

This is a very smooth, light pie. YUM!!

Updated: May 17, 2006
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