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One cup of short-grain organic brown rice.
Two & one-half cups of cold, fresh water.
One heaping teaspoon of sel de mer fin (fine sea salt).
Put two or three tablespoons of Olive Oil in the water.
Light fire under pot. Close lid tightly.
Cook over medium flame till done.
Do not burn rice. It is not supposed to be burnt on the bottom.
When rice is done, add a half teaspoon of the mild Iranian Spice, "Advieh", and stir it into the rice.
Perhaps add some more olive oil if dry. The Advieh will colour the rice a deeper brown. It adds a tangy flavour, though it is not "hot", like curry, nor as "mustardy" as Tumeric. Advieh is brown, and powdery, and looks like Curry, but Curry it is not.

FRIJOLES NEGRO (Black "turtle" beans)
Place one pound of Black Beans in a four-quart pot.
Wash and add fresh, cold, water.
Cut two slabs of salt-pork, about one inch by four inches thick. Cut each of these one-inch slabs into smaller pieces. Place these in the pot. Add a heaping teaspoon of Gross Sel De Mer (course sea salt). "Sel De Mer" is a good, French brand of sea salt.
Press (with a garlic press) two or three good sized cloves of fresh garlic into the pot.
Put flame under the pot. Cook until the beans are tender enough. Black beans don't need pre-soaking, and cook in about half an hour to forty minutes. For a cook-out you may extract the cooked beans alone (leaving the salt pork and the water in the pot) into a large ceramic dish. Add a generous amount of Olive Oil to keep beans from drying. Mucho Gusto!

Steam a pound of more of fresh, cleaned, green beans.
Do not overcook or undercook.
When done, drain the water.
Put olive oil over beans. Add sea salt and pepper.
Mash a bit and stir all this with a wooden spatula for a while.
Add some fresh dried basil. Mix 'em up! Delicioso!

Updated: February 5, 1998
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