T-Shirt visits Europe!

The T-shirt traveled with me to Frankfurt am Main in Germany. We took a short (4-day) trip from Bad Soden (near Frankfurt) to Italy (Bad Soden => Milan => Rome => Florence => Milan) traveling between cities by train.

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  • June 25, 1997.... Waiting at the Bad Soden train station (Germany) to depart for Milan.

    Milan was cool and rainy so we hopped on the next train to Rome.
  • June 26, 1997.... RFC t-shirt in St. Peter's Square.
  • June 27.... RFC t-shirt in the Vatican Museum, on the way to the Sistine Chapel.
  • June 27.... RFC t-shirt at the Colosseum!
  • June 28.... In front of the Duomo in Florence.
  • June 29.... Unfortunately, I left the t-shirt in the pensione in Milan and so it missed the photo opportunities.
  • June 30.... I forgot again to bring it to visit the Romerberg (Old Town Square) in Frankfurt.
  • July 1.... At the fountain in front of the Old Opera House in Frankfurt.
  • July 5.... We didn't have time to visit a castle, but took a picture with one in the background (if you look carefully you can see it).
  • July 5.... Me, the t-shirt, a well-travelled salami, and a bread machine in my friend's kitchen in Germany the night before we (the t-shirt and I) returned to the U.S.

    July 11, 1997
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