From the book "Japanese Jive: Wacky and Wonderful Products from Japan", by C. McKeldin.

Crunky Kids (chocolate candy)
Curry Pizza (onion, green pepper, boiled egg, potato salad, Italian sausage)
Pocari Sweat ("refreshment water")
Trial-1 ("ion supply drink")
Partner With Your Mouth Before (breath freshner)
Armpit Ray (who doesn't hate untanned pits?)
NFL Styling Grease
White Water (and it's trademarked, too)
Plain White Water (without the frills)
White Water Candy
Air (whatever it is, it's in a soda can)
Marble Pocky Chocolate, custard flavor
My Wet ("cool and refreshing tissue for new life")
Mama Pockety (carrot-scented dish detergent)

and, my favorite.....

Super Winky (condoms)

Updated: May 5, 1996
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