It's an election year- who knows how things will shake out as we approach November? Certainly many were surprized not too long ago when a low-life whose conviction for obstructing Congress was overturned on a technicality was able to garner enough support to run for US Senator in Virginia. This generated a lot of electronic discussion and it was interesting to see that many who, to this day, remain incensed at the actions of a silly young actress protesting a war, would actually vote and campaign for a military officer who would endanger his fellow soldiers and government agents for an unscrupulous agenda of his own (no -wait, I forgot... - he was just following orders).

Although he failed in his bid for governor and she is married to a capitalist, it is not impossible that either one of them would end up running in some other capacity this fall. Thus, as a public service I have constructed a chart to help people who want to vote for a traiter do some comparison shopping.
                             Jane Fonda             Oliver North
Wears mascara in public          Yes                       No
Physically fit                   Yes                      Yes
Chest adornment substance      Silicon                   Brass
Financially fit                  Yes                      Yes
Entrepreneur                     Yes                      Yes
Product/Commodity             exercise videos         guns & drugs
Other income                    marriage           legal defense fund
Favorite channels            TNT, TBS, CNN           Prayer Channel
Least favorite channels       Comedy Central        C-SPAN, Court TV
Notable acting achievement       Klute            Congressional hearings
Financial profit from treason     No                       Yes
Excuse for treason            war protest            following orders
Treason follow-up        apologizes to veterans     runs for US Senate
Strange turn of events   marries mega-capitalist   advocates "family values"
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