You probably got to this page from Dolly's Cloning Emporium. Standard cloning results in progeny that are essentially identical to the donor. Here, instead, we take DNA into mix'n'match mode:

at least it IS a cat - A bad BioTech day for cats - cat + frog?
This first example is of Felis domesticus, which may at first glance be a cat after tangling with your computer wiring. However, this is really a misguided effort to attach inchworms to the poor moggie.

In the second example, the experimenter combined fetal cells from a cat, a frog, and a bat, and this is what she got.

I don't know what it is either
A bad scale day in the human BioTech biz.

Developed to compete in swimming events in the Olympics, this chap turns out not to be aquadynamically designed for speed. At any rate, he prefers to eat his competitors.

(Clip art via Strange Benedictions)

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