DNA Oddity News

DNA = Dolly's Numerous Aches

***** Neanderthal Man (Woman, too) has DNA too distinct from ours to be our direct ancestor. This means that CroMagnon Man was Adam, and that CroMagnon Woman was Eve, and that all the currently-extant "races" are closely-related brothers and sisters. The Neanderthal family were our childless great great-aunts and great great-uncles that we never got to meet; either they weren't so hardy as all that, or they had a spate of terminally bad luck, or they were victimized by a CroMagnon campaign of bigotry. Unfortunately, the Neanderthals didn't leave their phones in call forward, so we haven't a clue as to what happened. Perhaps the Anasazi Indians left New Mexico behind to visit them, a few short centuries ago. (Or maybe the Anasazi just pure got tired of climbing sheer rockfaces and moved on out to Kansas.)

***** DNA is ubiquitious. We leave it behind wherever we go. It's on doornobs, toilet seats, on each other when we shake hands. I'm not sure we can clone from it, at least not this decade, but watch out! Your "friends" and neighbors may well be stockpiling it! The danger to celebrities is potentially incalcuable, as deranged fans may well start following their heros around, doing swipes to collect the desired DNA!

***** More late-breaking news at it breaks!

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