Eggs for Auction !!!

It's the latest fad!

Become fertile with one of our very brand new eggs, from one of our fabulous models!

At the moment, our site only features two donating models,
but you don't have to pay extra money to view them close up, like at our competition's site.

Henrietta Titania

Opening bids at this auction are astronomical. If you have to ask, you can't afford to bid. But we think that you'll be pleased with the results of your new egg. All of our models have lots to spare, so just keep on bidding.

Should you win an egg, we will ship it to you Overnight Express, in its own specially-sealed chilled compartment. We will also ship along a Technician, who will implant it for you. Tipping (20%) is strongly suggested, and considered the epitome of politeness. (This is a new field of endeavor, and so we can determine for everyone what is polite and gracious in the Egg Auctioning field.)

Once again, the Media is harping on ethics of Expensive Egg Auctioning. The Media is like that. Don't pay attention to the Media. They harp on anything and everything any given individual happens to disagree with. (No one ever notices when the Media harps on something which an individual supports them harping on, so this means they must never do that; they spend their lives harping on Wrong Causes, left or right. Since they're harping on us, now, they must again be wrong and Expensive Egg Auctioning may well be considered your Civic Duty. So get on out and bid!!! Sell your house if you must, but bid!!!)

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