Paleolithic cloning went on for millenia, as recorded in all the finest French caves.

Finally, one gent named Og got tired of the nomadic, animal-cloning life, and decided to settle down in one spot and clone What Food Eats instead, in hopes of drawing Food to him. It beat drawing Food on cave walls, as Food seldom ever herded down into the caves themselves, at least not voluntarily. Og thus became the first Biotech Farmer, and a message to this effect went out to the world via semaphore, smoke signals, and carrier pterydactl. Thus the world was instantly transformed from Paleolithic into Neolithic, and everybody celebrated.

Cloning plants was a lot easier than cloning animals. Just plant the sprig into the soil, or graft it onto a tree, and there you were. Indeed, the old, cumbersome, skills of animal cloning died out, and animals were left to figure out how to reproduce themselves on their own.

Dolly's Cloning Emporium

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