Human Cloning

Ever since the days of the Pharoahs, where they wed brother to sister in an attempt to perpetuate the dynasties, and where they would have gone in for cloning had they the technology, people have been fascinated for good or for ill by the concept of cloning humans.

Think of human cloning as a means to have an instant identical twin -- perhaps a whole generation or two younger than you. If you could accelerate his or her growth process, you'd have it made! Your clone could do all the things you don't want to do -- pay the bills, visit the in-laws, whatever. No one could tell the two of you apart, unless you etch a "666" or something into your clone's scalp before he or she gets decanted.

You could borrow her or his organs if you needed a transplant, as the match would be perfect -- and after clones get rights, they could come a'borrowing yours. Hmmm, maybe this needs to be re-thought...

(Background courtesy Fly-By-Net)

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