DNA Bio Research

this is DNA
This is a molecule of DNA
Notice how it is becoming unraveled.
It is an inefficient molecule, in need of a good seamstress.
If you ever feel yourself becoming unraveled, feel free to blame this sensation on your DNA.

How Scientists Play With DNA

ginger lab tech named Ginger Notice how she looks a bit annoyed.
This is because she thought she'd be cloning her ex-boyfriend today.
The biologist.  His name is Clyde. He will use the information gathered to unravel and re-ravel the DNA,
if appropriate.
a chemist named Danube Depending upon what is done, the cells with DNA can be used unaldulterated
to clone duplicate copies, just like a Xerox
or the DNA can be modified to create cures for any number of diseases,
some of which haven't been invented yet.
test tube spill... with eyes.
Evolution in (unplanned) action
as the spilled DNA goo gets absorbed
researcher chases DNA-mutant beachball
DNA inclusions in the
wrong species
mutant bugs carry off the junk food
At this point, the experiment is considered a failure, and it is safe to start over, once the maurading DNA-enhanced beach balls or ants are re-captured. (It is essential to recapture them -- we wouldn't want Muldar and Skully to become involved...)

(Clip art courtesy Barry's Clip Art)

Dolly's Cloning Emporium

Something like an accurate counter?? Not. DNA-bearing critters were cloned while this page was loading.