Dolly (and I) appreciate the cards, letters, guestbook signings, and e-mail.

About a third of the respondants express some doubt about the factuality of this site's contents, but want more info for a research paper or project. One or two individuals (far and away rare) have gone so far as to hint that the website owner essentially, um, write the paper for them.

We at Dolly's Cloning Emporium believe that one should read everything with a critical eye, from satire on up to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and any other document you care to name. With that caveat, we plug the following sites for folks seeking to do some serious research into cloning:

The Roslin Institute. These are the folks who cloned Dolly, and they have all sorts of information.
Genetic Cloning. You get technical information, as well as discussions on social implications here.
If you don't like ethical issues dismissed as quick yes or no answers, you can pick up the book, The Lives to Come: The Genetic Revolution and Human Responsibilities, by P. Kitcher, from Amazon.Com. The current edition has a chapter on cloning. (Sometimes I think he runs on a little too long...)

We are also open-minded enough to plug our competition in the cloning biz. It's a big enough world we can share it, and if it gets too small, we can always clone off portions thereof.

Dream Technologies Incorporated: Clones R Us. They've gone so far as to include pricings, whereas we'll discuss that on an individual basis...

An excellent non-cloning but serious-science site has been recommended to us -- we'll add more as time and discovery allows:

Virtual Biology. A site requiring the freeware program Shockwave to get the full benefit from, this one graphically demonstrates certain goings-on in Cell Biology.

If you find that the humor of science is what tickles your funnybone, try out the following:

The Laboratory of Laughter. Just don't forget your labcoat, safety glasses, or gas mask!
The Annals of Improbable Research! They publish their own journal, and have included some material on-line.
Druidic Technology. A site which shows how the ancient Druids invented computers.
Not quite scientific, but for those into Fun with Livestock, there is the Offical Cow-Tipping Homepage Official Cow-Tipping Homepage available.

One of our most recent e-mails was from a writer who found hirself terribly offended by this site, and who went so far as to accuse your somewhat humble website editrix of playing God by working towards cloning.
1) Lighten up.
2) If you read these pages carefully, you'll find that overall I haven't taken a stand for or against the activity. It's a complex topic. This is a humor and satire site. (It isn't even completely accurate.)
3) Playing God sounds rather fun, but I suspect that after a day the charms would wear thin.

To forstall the inevitable questions about cloning Siberian tigers, and regarding the frog technology page, the extinction in our lifetime of that majestic tiger will be a horrendous tragedy (and no amount of cloning, even if it could occur in time, is likely to reverse this destiny, now -- there's not enough genetic diversity left in the population). And the fate of the frogs should be a bellwether to all of us.

We at Dolly's Cloning Emporium enjoy the feedback -- even when we are accused of playing God. Some of the commentary has been quite thought-provoking, and just getting mail encourages me to continue on creating here.

Dolly's Cloning Emporium