Notes about the photographs

All photographs at this site were taken by Diann (unless otherwise noted) using a Kodak Retina II, which is well older than I am, and once belonged to my grandfather. Although it is an ancient manual from an era before the first computer arose out of the primordial soup, it still takes quality photos. In June '97, I bought a Canon EOS Rebel G, which has taken all subsequent photos, much as I still respect the older camera.

Scotland photos were taken in 1995 using Fuji Film, ASA 200, in ambient light, except for the Arbroath photos, taken using Seattle Film Works film. I don't recollect film type for the Garden/Landscape photos (either Fuji or Kodak), but ASA 200 sounds right here as well.

Photos were scanned at Best Photo Labs, and early ones were converted to JPEG formats using LVIEW on a computer which recognizes 256 colors. Sorry to say on my (previous, 16-color) computer these looked like badly done Monet Impressionist copycat activity. Currently, they are being converted using PaintShop Pro on a "millions of colors"-capable monitor. PSP is also being used to crop and gamma-correct them.

With the EXCEPTION of several cat photos (which have been so designated when you see them), and all the photos on the Virginia page, all other photos taken by myself at this site are hereby released into the public domain. The copyrighted cat and Virginia photos MAY NOT BE USED. As for the other photos: It's nice if I get credited, but I don't really care. Use and enjoy. (Same with my original graphics.)

Of course, do not link to photos or graphics on these pages and use them that way. Copy them and put them on your OWN server. Thanks!

Last Updated: June 1999.

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