1. Plants

    Effect of a change in environmental condition (light, fertilizer, etc.) on the amount of Chlorophyll a

    Factors that effect tropisms (thigmo, gravito, photo, etc.)

    Insecticides( wavelength-color) effect on photosynthesis

    Plant growth in an electromagnetic feild (ionizing radiation)

    Effects of gibberellic acid (auxins) (caffeine) on plant growth

    Hydroponic plant growth

    Effect of pre-germination variables on seed germination

    Effect of cigarette smoke on plant growth

    Effect of road salt on pick it

    Centripetal force (magnetism) on plant growth

    Alleopathy.. walnuts,etc

  2. Animals

    Effect of a change in environmental condition (light, salt, etc.) on growth of brine shrimp.

    Lung capacity and name it

    Insecticides (irradiation-uv/microwave) effect on egg development

    Effect of interfering factors and short term memory

    Effect of "chemicals" like aspirin on the heart rate of Daphnia

    Effects of disinfectants (antibiotics / sound waves) on "any invertebrate animal"

    Effect of vitamin E(pH, light, temp, oil, u.v. light, you name it) on regeneration of planarians

    Classical conditioning of ....earthworms, etc.

    Reaction time vs age, gender, etc

    Effect of temperature (salinity) on osmoregulation of Sipunculid worms

    Effect of temperature on respiration rate

  3. Monera

    Effect of mouthwashes( temp, cleaning agents, ethanol, antibacterial soaps, bleach, pH, u.v. light ) on bacterial growth

    Effect of u.v. light on pigmented and non pigmented bacteria

  4. Fungi

    Effect of temperature(u.v. light, different sugars) on yeast growth (bread mold)

    Compare mold growth on bread (10cm x 10 cm) with and without perservatives.

  5. Protista

    Effect of uv light on Chorella

    Effect of u.v. light on euglenia

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