Home page for Michael F. Tighe.
(Some web entries list me as "Michael Tighe".)
(Last updated in September 2020.)

Buzzwords: mead; Newton South High School, Newton, MA; Harvard University; Monroe, Woodbury, Harriman and Central Valley, New York; Arlington, MA; Hale-Bopp Comet; NASA; DOD-1 and Ada and Diana; Hidden Mickey; Nintendo 64; MWave with IBM and TI; SCA Storytelling; Matthew of Paris; Volcanoes; Elephants.

I like to read.

I like to bake.

I like to bake gluten-free.

I am now hosting the restored Codex Fabliauum for the Carolingian Storytellers Guild. Carolingia    East Kingdom    SCA )

I have a website devoted to my on-again/off-again relationship with Matthew of Paris a Benedictine Monk from the 13th Century.

I like this new website devoted to recreating index-card technology online. It's only in alpha release at the moment (1001 Notes) but it looks like it is going places.

Interesting Thoughts: The year is 1904

Nice poem found on the web: A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer. A search on "socket packet pocket" will reveal that someone chopped it up and reposted it without accreditation. The bad one is known as 'What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals?' I'm posting the real link in support of the original author Gene Ziegler (his home page).

One thing I saw on YouTube (seems to still be available) that is worth a look: William Tell Overture for Moms by Anita Renfroe.

As part of the 2020 Pandemic I have participated and am still working on a number of theatrical presentations available on YouTube now or soon... (Gawain and the Green Knight, Henry V, Beowulf).

NASA and I have a connection or two - if you like the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Disney and I have a connection - if you like Hidden Mickeys.

Amusement: jscript clock found on the web. Last I tried, it only runs on IE.

If you found this page, you can email me at my user id at this ISP.

I live in the western suburbs of the greater Boston, MA area. Look me up in the phone book.

I sometimes post interesting bits on Twitter: Follow @Tighe1974

I'm on Linked In if you are looking for more information about my career.

If you went to Harvard, you could look me up at the Harvard site as well. I was in Lowell House.

In the past, I published a number of papers (mostly at conferences) that are now available via the ACM (in their digital library - you have to pay to see them). I have given presentations on Software Engineering, Basic-Plus-2, RISC Compilers, and DSP Software Development Toolkits. I'm referenced for my work in a number of the publications available there.

If you read early DOD-1/Ada/Diana documentation, you'll discover I worked with the Intermetrics team - I'm in the list of authors. I also did work on Ada-derivation projects like EACM (see ACM link).

If you like mead, several of my recipes are published on various places on the web. Most of them even have my permission!

If you have an older Palm (e.g., Z22) this game I wrote may interest you. It's sometimes called "Robots" and sometimes called "Daleks".

My mother passed away in October of 2012.

PS: If you search my name on the web - there are a ton of people with the same name. Here are a few of them that are around: