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SEA of SIMILE . . . the Animated UnderwaterOpera

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The Soundtrack of Sea of Simile is 102 minutes long, and tells a tale, of love, taoism, aliens and baseball. Two of the three Acts are now animated. It was done entirely on Macintosh and Mac OS computers, and exists as a DVD, as well as Cinepac'd QuickTime data on my trusty PowerBooks, (Gigs & Gig), and as Media100-codec'd QuickTime on various RAIDs and hard disks (72 Gig.) This short segment occurs about 40  minutes into the action... Our hero is teaching that although water is the weakest element, flowing away at even the softest touch, its waves come crashing back again and again, till nothing can withstand its force; similarly, a people with faith, or a universal idea, can be halted in the short run, but is bound to triumph given enough time. Through surrender comes victory. There's also a link below, to an audio-only "movie", a section from Sea of Simile-Act II, for those of us who like pretty music too...

©1976 and ©1998 by Tommy Mandel. Special thanks to John Braswell, R.I.P. The voice in this clip belongs to Jimi Tunnell, who is also an excellent guitarist. Featured singers in the main body of the 'Toon are Jimi Tunnell, and Dee Carstensen, Greg Fleeman and Tom Mandel, assisted by Nancy Godwin, Camille Tibaldeo  Alison England and Shaun Monteil.

Climax of Act I (short movie)
Audio-only "movie"- a section of Sea of Simile,Act II, for those sweet - and - sad souldful music lovers...
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