NAME: Paco "Boom-Boom" Zimmer
JOB: Tour Accountant to the Starz
CLIENTS: Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Page-Plant, Vanilla Fudge
              and So Many Others that you'd faint if you ever asked
HOBBY:  Golf....He shoots in the 70's
OUTSTANDING MEMORY: The Orange Bowl, 1966. Tennessee vs. Oklahoma
                                     Paco was Quarterback. He fades to pass....and...! ! !
FAMILY MAN?   Yes indeed. Fabulous Wife, College Kids, House, the works.
IQ:                   Classified, but he knows his business. HE'LL MAKE YOU $$$.
HOW TO REACH HIM:  Classified,
                                but I'll forward any mail for him that I receive.
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