An angel, being blown backwards, into the future

I have wanted for several years to update my website, but I was initially reluctant. I knew doing so would mean removing much of the existing site, which was created together with my late lover Michael -- who died in March of 1998 after a seven month battle with Leukemia. The site represented “us” and it somehow felt wrong to simply delete it.
One day, while listening to the cd “Strange Angels” by Laurie Anderson, I heard her say something in a way I hadn‘t heard before, and I had a realization: While we can’t remake the past any more than we can ignore the future, perhaps the two can coexist. In reality, they must.
Selecting the link labeled “History” will take you back to the old Ursine Productions website as it existed prior to the update. Some of the links no longer work, and much of the information is horribly out of date, but much of it is also somehow still valid. To visit my new site, return to the index page and select “Progress.”
Please enjoy exploring.