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Ursine Productions is a Graphic Design Services Company based in Chicago, Illinois USA. To find out more about who and what we are, please check out these areas:

Way more than the average person would ever want to know about Mike and Paul, the two guys who together are Ursine Productions.

We make and sell T-shirts for bears and arctophiles. Check out our exclusive designs and complete ordering instructions here.

This area features a close-up look at something we've been doing lately. Now Up: Bear Pride '96.

Peruse our ever-changing version of the ubiquitous Top-Whatever list. Currently: Our Top 5 Things Not to Say to Sting.

No site would be complete without scads of links. Here are some of the current web-places at which we've been spending way too much time.

Please help us fill our new guestbook. And while you're at it, be sure to give us your charming, insightful and perhaps even titilating comments.

E - M A I LU S !

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