Me and Roy G. Biv

This was taken at Gay Pride in Chicago. The Great Lakes Bears used to sponsor a float in the parade, and on this particular year (1997, I think) I rode on the float helping to hold our club banner.
I don't think the club sponsors a float anymore. Mainly because it's much more fun to be out in the crowd watching the parade than it is to actually be in it, so its difficult to get members to volunteer. The last year I rode on the float we had only about eight volunteers, and most of them jumped ship by the time we reached the Northend -- about half-way through the route. A number of drunken go-go boys were attracted to our sound system, and what they must have viewed as a moving dance floor. At one point I felt the trailer bouncing, and I looked back and realized that I was the only “bear” on what appeared to be an RSVP cruise advertisement. I thought it best at that point to put down the banner.