Privatization of Education in Massachusetts


Charter schools fight a backlash (Boston Globe, 2/15/02)

The Attack on Public Education and Social Equity (11/11/01)

CHARTER SCHOOLS: System Rigged to Favor Privatization; Public School System the Big Loser (Paul Dunphy,, Spring 2001)

Calculating the Benefits and Costs of For-Profit Public Education (Education Policy Analysis Archives, 4/24/01)

Questions posed on charter school (Holyoke Union-News, 3/7/01)

State approves 7 new charter schools (Boston Herald, 2/28/01)

Editorial on Commonwealth Charters (Citizens for Public Schools, 2/22/01)

NEA-Funded Edison School Studies Released Today (National Educational Association, 2/22/01)

Public or private? The terms of education (Paul Dunphy, Survival News, Summer 2000)

Pioneer Thought Marks State Education Trends (Paul Dunphy, Boston Globe)

Charter Schools Avoid Scrutiny (Paul Dunphy, Daily Hampshire Gazette)

State IG: Charter school has $ trouble (Greg Geboski, Somerville Community News, May/June 2000)

Charter schools: First step to end public ed (Bill Bumpus, Somerville Community News, May/June 2000)

National Education Associaton charter school overview

American Federation of Teachers on privatization


Check out a summary of House Bill No. 2487, An Act to Promote Local Accountability in Public Education, and a sample school committee resolution in support of the bill.


Citizens for Public Schools

Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education

Rethinking Schools

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Massachusetts Federation of Teachers

Massachusetts Labor Party

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