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Sample contracts 'contract.htm' and 'consult.htm' may be copied and used as contracts for services by individuals and companies.

All COMM-NOTES, Weyand Associates bi-monthly newsletter, may be copied in their entirety, including the embedded copyright notices. The newsletters are contained in the files 9210cn01.htm, 9212cn02.htm, 9302cn03.htm, 9304cn04.htm, 9306cn05.htm, 9308cn06.htm, 9310cn07.htm, 9312cn08.htm, 9402cn09.htm, 9404cn10.htm, 9406cn11.htm, 9408cn12.htm, 9410cn13.htm, 9412cn14.htm, 9502cn15.htm, 9504cn16.htm, 9506cn17.htm, 9508cn18.htm, 9510cn19.htm, 9512cn20.htm, 9602cn21.htm, 9604cn22.htm, 9606cn23.htm, 9608cn24.htm, 9610cn25.htm.

Schematic diagrams and circuit etch patterns from the articles in Mainline Modeler magazine may be used for non-commercial purposes, such as building the circuits for yourself, your model railroad club, or your friends. These diagrams are contained in the files swartcl.htm, slartcl.htm, smartcl.htm, dtartcl.htm, blartcl.htm, startcl.htm, mfartcl.htm, wtartcl.htm, abartcl.htm, wwartcl.htm, ctartcl.htm, ccartcl.htm.

All other rights are reserved. Some materials on this web site are copyrighted by other individuals or groups, including Stan R. Ames, Hiroshi Kato, the Layout Design SIG, Colin R. Leech, the National Model Railroad Association, and Scot Osterweil, and are posted here with their permission.

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