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Like most people, we have had both good and bad luck with companies offering goods and services. While we can't say the bad things about some that we would like to, we can certainly recommend those companies that have consistently given us good service over the years. This information would have been a treasure when we moved into Naperville 15 years ago.

None of these people are related to us, or pay us for our recommendation, or give us any special breaks or anything for being mentioned here. They are just very good at what they do. And whenever we find more, we'll add them to this list.

All Brand Service Appliance Repair - 630-983-5244

Dave has been keeping our appliances running for years. When we first moved in, we bought everything new. During 15 years, just about everything breaks. The first time an appliance breaks, it's usually something that can be repaired, giving you several more years of service from the unit. But finding the right repair person is a challenge. Dave has been able to fix all the various breaks and malfunctions we have come up with. Also important, he has been willing to tell us when it wasn't worth fixing because the remaining service life of the unit wouldn't justify the repair. And if it's an emergency, he can respond quickly. He once fixed our fridge while the food was still cold!

Grant Appliance Company West - 815-725-7533

Grant's West is something of a well-known secret. They don't advertise, they don't accept credit cards (cash and check only), but they do sell name brand appliances for much less, and give better service to boot. We bought a new 21.8 cubic foot Amana refrigerator (Dave pronounced our old one dead at the scene!) for $600 plus tax. Delivered and installed at no extra charge. And they took the old one away. They are on Republic just north of Jefferson in Joliet, about two blocks west of St. Joseph Hospital, but they happily deliver to Naperville.

FLASH! Grant's has just opened a new store on Route 59 and 75th Street. Now their service and prices are right next door!

INS Services - 630-420-1962

INS Services installs insulation and performs related services such as adding additional roof and soffit vents. It turns out that most homes are built with inadequate roof and soffit venting, so the attic gets very, very hot in the summer and makes air conditioning much more expensive than it needs to be. Anyway, INS Services installed extra roof and soffit vents and blew a foot of cellulose insulation into our house and did a really nice job. The amount of insulation required went well beyond the estimate, but that was on their dime, not mine.

Valley Chimney Sweeps and Restoration - 630-355-5995

Finding a quality chimney sweep is very tough. We've had our chimney cleaned many times, and none ever noticed or mentioned several problems our chimney has had for some time. Until we had Terry come in. He's not an off-duty anything. He's not just laid off from something else and doing this till the plant gears up again. He's a chimney sweep, a good one, and has been for over 20 years. We got those chimney problems repaired, and for a very reasonable price, and now our chimney drafts properly so we no longer get smoke in the house. We are very happy with the service and knowledge of Terry at Valley Chimney Sweeps.

Village Pontiac/GMC - 630-357-2200

The ability to get quality service over the life of a vehicle is very important to our overall experience of ownership. The garage at Village Pontiac is so outstanding, we buy Pontiac and GMC products exclusively just so they can be serviced there. They run two shifts, from 7 AM to 12 midnight, and during the day on Saturday, so you can drop off and pick up your car at a time convenient to you. What a concept! And when you get your car back, it's fixed and it stays fixed. Outstanding people. Outstanding service.

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