Brookfield Schools Bus Schedules

Center, St. Joseph and Christian Life Schools

Center School Noon Run

Huckleberry Hill School

Whisconier Middle School

Brookfield High School


[Notes: Except for formatting of headings and tabs, the text of the schedules has not been changed from the text provided by the bus company (Laidlaw Transit). The text was imported into Microsoft Word 2000 and "HTMLized."  These web documents look fine in Internet Explorer 5, but because of the excessive formatting done by Microsoft Word, the documents may look considerably different with Netscape Navigator or earlier versions of Internet Explorer 5.   The dates denoted by "Updated" reference the date schedules were provided or updated by the bus company. Questions/comments about web page design/formatting can be addressed to Questions about the bus schedules should be addressed to the Brookfield Board of Education or the bus company.]