Library Media Services

  Global communications makes the world an information rich "library". Our goal at the Wilcox Tech Library Media Center is to teach our student patrons the importance of information problem solving.

The Library Media Center is a materials center designed to enrich the curriculum. Books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlet materials, microfiche, computers and computer programs are available for patron use.

The Library Media Specialist is on duty to assist patrons with locating materials to complete assignments. Freshmen receive an orientation program on locating and using materials. A quiet study atmosphere is encouraged.

Students using computers in the Library Media Center comply with the VTSS Policy "Procedures for Use of Electronic Information Resources" adopted August 1997. The "Acceptable Use Standards" are posted in the Library Media Center.

It is the philosophy of the Wilcox Tech Library Media Center that every individual is a lifelong learner. Being organized and knowing where to lookfor information is a key step to resolving an issue. Knowing how to process the information we find to the questions concerning us is the key task facing students today.

Information problem solving is still dependent on literacy skills and applied study skills. Technology may accelerate the process of research but students still require learning competencies to complete the process.

Department Head - Will Arpaia