CARTOON:  Art Carries A Painting
Art in "Giving Up Art"


Most of the stories on this site have been written since 1992, when I abandoned, half-finished, the final novel in a series of three and started writing short stories full time.

The first was Extraordinary, still one of my favorites, and my difficulties getting it published precipiated the poster project which lead to this site. (See The Story Behind This Site)

Still, there are some worthwhile odds and ends which don't necessarily fit with the format of this site, among them short stories written before I began the novels in 1986, as well as others written in the early 1990s as the third novel, "Statues and Haloes", was slowly coming undone.

Two of those stories, Let Go and Say Goodbye To The Sea, have been conventionally published, and have also appeared on this site as monthly features.

Charlotte's Mirror and Greta Floating, Lillian Straight Ahead are two short-short stories - under three pages - that never seemed to quite work, no matter how many revisions they went through. I guess I'm not born to write short-shorts. Oh well.

I've also added the short-short Thinning Hair, which I did on the fly in Paris in the fall of 1997. I guess I'm not meant to write stories on the fly, either.

Furthermore, these archives will offer Giving Up Art, which started out as a monumentally unsuccessful short story, and makes a slightly better play.

The latest addition to the archives is Fireworks and Soup, which had a long and wildly unpopular run on the List of Stories before joining us here.