Web Writers in the Flesh believes that the Web book is a new art form, one with real advantages over its print cousin.

It's more immediate - no more two year delay between manuscript and bookstores. It's got features that would be impossible in a traditional bound book - art, audio, and constant reader feedback. And web books' presentation and distribution is completely under the control of writers themselves, something writers have wanted since Guttenberg, probably.

We're looking for creators of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that first appeared on the Internet.

Each reader will have about ten minutes to present his or her work. This allows us to include four to six writers each evening - we hope to get a good mix - and keeps the show moving at a brisk clip.

And, because the web is so much more than text, we ask each reader to bring something more than just text to their presentation. You can have background music, recorded or live; you can include visuals, anything from propping up some household object mentioned in your work to creating an HTML extravaganza (the host space has some pretty big computer screens); you can pass out and collect surveys to create some improptu interactivity. Anything's fine - and it makes Web Writers shows much easier on the audience than the traditional literary reading, dry writers mouthing dry text.

This reading is designed to showcase the wide range of literary talent already working on the Internet. Tell your friends; feel free to submit info about the reading to any writers' mailing lists you may subscribe to. We'd particularly like to reach writers outside the usual downtown Manhattan circles.