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There's the wonderful love of a beautiful maid,
 And the love of a staunch true man,
And the love of a baby that's unafraid --
 All have existed since time began.
But the most wonderful love, the Love of all loves,
 Even greater than the love for Mother,
Is the infinite, tenderest, passionate love
 Of one dead drunk for another.

-- Anonymous

Not much here but the poem. I promise to work on this page in my infinite supply of spare time...

Places to drink beer in the Berkeley area.

Spring Street Brewing Company, home of the famous Wit beer. Buy their stock, too!
The Beer Homebrewing Guide CD. Sadly, it comes only on a Windows CD; if you're a Mac person, visit their site and complain!
The Great American Beer Club. The name says it all.
The Hogs Head Beer Cellars. Yes, it's true, a Beer-of-the-Month club!
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